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Limousines rental

We have cars, jeeps and sport cars with excellent drivers – professionals who care for you all the time and will fulfill every wish you have. We offer many services. Which would be beneficial to anyone who wants his business to be at level, wants to move comfortably and safely, or to have fun and feel good. We will provide a great company, absolutely all the extras and pleasures for you to feel very, very well.
We take great care of our clients and service, we care about the security, the comfort, the image and the good vision and we always give the best!

Safety first

30 day guarantee

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5 star service

With us the discipline is iron and the service is excellent, we give much more. Special care and customer care, complete confidentiality and protection, INDEPENDENTTEAM is not just a luxury transport rental, it’s service, attitude and class. Here they meet with a smile and serve with respect.
Always faithful, always to you for your every need and desire.

Top class cars

Luxury cars are not just luxury, they are a special feeling, self-esteem, security, class and lifestyle. With us you will get a great selection of them and we will satisfy all your needs and desires.

Additional services

We can provide you with every wish and make sure you feel wonderful with us. In our cars there is a super-charged luxury bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, hot or cold at your request, television, Internet, and of course your music with unique sound.
We offer exclusive services such as red carpet service, personal assistant, personal security and many more.

Hello Bulgaria, I want to say thanks to these guys…very nice and correct.

Emilio Coralli

Very good service INDEPENDENTTEAM! Bravo and thanks!

Ivelin Marinov

Mr. Petar Todorov was the personal driver of my wedding. I want to express my gratitude for his high professionalism and his personal attitude. Precise, careful, caring, well-meaning and smiling – RESPECT!

Georgi D.Ivanov

Very, very good service, I did not expect such a thing in BG.


Thank you guys. You’re great.

James Arthur

We made an unique wedding. Thank you.

Bogdana Simeonova

The cars are very nice and the service is great.


No such prices. Great service!

Georgi Ivanov

Evala dudes!


Thanks for the wonderful day. Everything was great, and you are incredible professionals !!!

Stefka Georgieva

Extremely good, quality and affordable service to me. I wish you success and you are still accurate and correct.

Radoslav Mihnev

Bravo, everything was super nice.


Thanks for everything, you were perfect!


Superb Performance! Outstanding services! Correct and precised!

Nikolay Dachev

Love the VIP Luxury Limo service that INDEPENDENTTEAM provided for my business trip in Varna, BG and Golden Sands, BG.

Todor Brunov